To provide extraordinary customer service and support. Intellicyber combines supply chain domain expertise and technical innovation to empower our clients, and deliver superior solutions to customers around the world.

In order to provide clients with the best support possible, Intellicyber professional services provides both product implementation and training.

Composed of a team of seasoned and highly-skilled developers, product specialists and business analysts, our implementation team develops and executes:
  • Supply Chain Integration Design and Implementation
  • Event Management and Alert Design and Publication
  • Benchmarking & Proofs-of-Concept
  • System Architecting & Integration
  • Project Deployment & Management
  • Stress Testing & Performance Tuning

As a natural by-product of the fact that our software is architected as toolkits for users, training is a very important part of each Intellicyber solution. The training services team is focused on sharing their rich supply chain integration skill sets and experiences in a way that empowers clients to better create and manage their own integration projects. Customers can find training for all skill levels, beginner through advanced. Training programs are available as part of a solution implementation or separately by product.

Support Functions

the following functions define the consulting services functions:


Intellicyber can provide on-site training for all available Intellicyber Products, including detailed technical training, management workshops or any other customised training schedule required by our customers (within functional limitations.)
Intellicyber Consulting experts can also provide Infor WMS training inclusive of all versions of Infor WMS, from Version 2.x (Exceed 1000) through to Version 3.x up to the latest system WM9. This can include end user and administrator training, utilising training documentation and enhancing ‘tricks’ and ‘tips’ from the experienced WMS consultants.

project management functions

Project consultants from Intellicyber are available to provide Project Management functions and services for both new installations as well as currently deployed systems. Management tasks include writing Functional Business Requirements (FBR’s), writing Technical Specifications (Tech Specs), writing Test Plans and cases, assessing change management options, managing deployments and deliverables, testing and co-ordinating internal and external party communication.

development support

Developers from Intellicyber are available to provide customisations, interface creation and technical and functional support for Intellicyber licensed products, as well as assisting customers with fixes or enhancements to customer developed IDX code. Intellicyber can provide development support for new projects to create solutions using the IDX tools as directed by the customer. The development consultants can also provide assistance to customer projects and interfaces when requested. Development and Technical Consultants are also available for specialised systems, such as SAP.

technical consulting

Technical consultants from Intellicyber are available to provide support and services for both new installations as well as currently deployed systems; for Intellicyber licensed products, as well as the Infor WMS. This can include services for new systems such as installation of IDX servers, installation of WMS servers, configuration of database applications, deployment of IDX applications and the deployment of WMS and ancillary software (i.e. telnet servers). It may also include consulting services for existing implementations which covers DB maintenance, archiving, performance monitoring, system error resolution and application error resolution.

operations consulting (specialising in WMS functionality)

Intellicyber consultants can provide supply chain consulting and operational enhancements to its Clients warehouse operations. This includes process re-engineering, best practices and information on Infor’s WMS product functionality and its uses. This encompasses tasks such as new client configurations setup and usage, client review, operational reviews, operational best-practice evaluation all focusing on capabilities and function of the specific WMS versions. Operational Consulting often incorporates product upgrades, as Intellicyber consultants are familiar with all previous and available versions of the Infor WMS.

system issue diagnosis

Experienced Intellicyber consultants are able to review system performance, logs, issues, database information and middleware operation, known system issues, expected results and assist the customer in determining the cause and effect of system issues.

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