Intellicyber has been developing software products designed for the supply chain since 1999. Our solution approach centres on empowering our customers with unique and proven software, and providing them with development environments (SDK’s) to encourage internal development and ownership.

Our products address areas within the collaborative supply chain that augment existing systems, providing a low cost flexible framework to deploy innovative flexible solutions. Intellicyber products are designed to quickly empower users to become self-sufficient and allows companies to confidently depend on in-house resources for on-going collaborative requirements. Intellicyber’s products include solutions for integration and alerting, web and mobile based applications for accessing global information, through to RFID solutions.

Which requirements can Intellicyber help you address ?

  • Significant and on-going data synchronization requirements
  • Truly real-time as well as traditional batch transaction integration in the same environment
  • Multi system document creation
  • Direct control of automated handling equipment
  • Customer and country specific processes
  • 24x7 global support
  • Inventory on the go
  • Wide range of trading partners and relative technical capability
  • RFID pilots or full projects
  • High transaction volume with distributed deployment requirements

As a pioneer in the industry, Intellicyber has developed products and services to enhance the management of supply chain process integration across the extended enterprise. Intellicyber’s products and services enable companies to adapt quickly to changing business requirements and new opportunities by reducing the cost, risk, and lead time of integrating new applications with existing enterprise platforms. The real-time economy will continue to reward most those businesses that have mastered the ability to continuously evaluate, select and leverage new technology at reasonable cost. Today’s successful businesses are not debating whether or not to make information available for supply chain collaboration, but rather with whom and how. Let Intellicyber, our products and our people, help you become a more visible and productive member in your supply chain community.
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