Portal Features


User can be restricted to what they can see and how they can access it. Each screen, lookup, list, document and popup is configurable via a simple XML file. Change the design, layout and available columns by user group quickly and easily. This can also incorporate any language for that user group (including double byte languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Thai).

data requests

All data requests, whether it is for a list of orders, an item lookup or even a drop down list are all created and managed using the IDX Developer tool, and such can be easily modified and tailored to a customer’s needs.

consolidated data warehouse

The Portals server can consolidate multiple WMS and multiple warehouse information into a data warehouse that the portals users can then access. This brings the ability to provide global cross system inventory balances to external or internal users.

order maintenance

Users are able to remotely create, update and monitor orders, (such as Purchase Orders, Customer Orders or ASN’s) improving customer service and reducing operation costs.

global inventory information

Users have access to multiple inventory facility balances providing a consolidated view of inventory balances, as well as the ability to drill down into specific inventory detail, including transactional history, hold information and adjustment data.

print documentation and labels

Support a set of prepackaged document reports, as well as end-user created reports. Users are able to remotely print documents and labels created in the IDX Developer, including executions documents, as well as inventory and KPI reports.

document attachment

Users can upload attachments, such as pictures, scanned documents to portal trading partners, documents and items.

open integration

Utilizes the IDX Data Exchange background process and integration tools to retrieve and submit data from a variety of sources. Developers can change data extraction and display logic.

wms interaction

Users can submit new documents, holds, item master information, suppliers, customers, or update existing records to the WMS over the internet. Actions can be created and triggered directly from the Portal, these can include custom defined business rules inside the portal development environment (i.e. you can triggered customer specific allocation routines outside of the WMS)

advanced security

The Portal Security application enables administrators to apply a supply-chain role based security model to user access via the internet. In an extended collaborative environment, it is critical that each customer, vendor and supplier only have access to their own data. The Portal Security application enables the administrator to configure this type of security in a convenient and secure manner. Data can be restricted to each user group based on any field and logic available in the data. This may mean a warehouse, owner, carrier, customer, vendor, item, item group or any other logic may automatically filter the data for the appropriate user group.

internet based

The Portal is an internet based application utilizing web services communications and Microsoft “ClickOnce” technology.

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