MHE Features

modular architecture

IDX MHE leverages functions of the IDX product suite including an embedded development environment that encapsulate functions commonly used in MHE integration routines. This toolkit allows users to integrate with MHE systems of varying complexity without the burden of developing extensive new code.

database buffer

IDX maintains its own database of transactions providing redundancy and task synchronization utilities that will keep your host/warehouse system processes running even during equipment downtime or maintenance.

error logging

Comprehensive monitoring and error-handling capabilities with utilities for translation into meaningful messages to speed operator reaction and prevent equipment downtime.

test bench utilities

Comprehensive suite of testing and simulation tools including a simulator and data generator to stress test the software operation prior to live testing ensuring proper burn in of the software and a robust implementation.

cycle count utilities

IDX MHE supports discrete retrieval of pallets/bins by order key, priority, case Id, customer and others for the purpose of inventory stock checks. One or more output stations can be marked as cycle count stations and IDX MHE will coordinate flow of pallets to these locations for stock counting.

user defined mhe environment settings

IDX MHE provides for easy configuration of the physical aspects of the MHE environment based on the size and type of material handled and the level of automation and control required including number of bins, tiers, and aisles, crane availability, equal crane use, optimization of double fork lifts and others.

independent put-away logic

IDX MHE provides an independent layer of user defined put-away logic by zones (Normal, Hazard, etc), SKU ABC type, SKU across aisles, column weight, and pallet/bin height.

role based security

IDX MHE has its own layer of application security providing flexibility and ensuring that flow control and system information is shared on a need-to-know/need-to-use basis.

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