IDX Features

inbuilt adaptors

IDX ensures inter-operability between systems through popular interface methods like flat file transfers and database to database integration, open messaging, and leading data standards including X12, EDIFACT and XML. The IDX Developer also comes with inbuilt adaptors for SAP R3, Infor WM (WM4000 and WM9), and transportation adaptors for FTP, Web Services and open queuing (MSMQ and MQSeries).

integrated alerts

Inbuilt alerting functions allow for automated creation of event based on ANY user defined incidents. Functional alerts, KPI’s, scheduled reporting (through the integrated Crystal Report writer) and events can all be published through a variety of engines, including: SMS, e-mail and Skype IM.


IDX has been designed to be deployed in high volume environments with lean code supporting both vertical as well as horizontal scaling. Multiple service instances of IDX can be run on the same machine, or spread across multiple machines.


Tag data sent from readers (via IDX Edgeware) are processed by IDX and updated to appropriate hosts systems. Native adaptors for GS1 EPC tags are available, as well as unique user defined formats. This unprecedented support is future proof for evolving standards.


Customers only need to purchase the components required for their enterprise or project. The IDX Developer is only needed if the customer wants to create, build and modify interfaces. The IDX Manger/runtime components are needed to deploy the interfaces, and the ICS client is only needed if customers want to utilise the management tools or reporting tools.


reusable tool

IDX provides customers with all the tools needed to be self-sufficient in integration efforts - no more custom interface solutions requiring expensive external support.

speeds interface development

Ships with embedded development environment. All interface logic is implemented via VBA macros. These macros can be written, debugged and tested all within the program itself.

cross application use

IDX is equally suitable for use with any software application supporting direct ODBC connections.

integration growth path

Through Intellicyber’s R&D group and the wide range of integration tools that ship with the standard IDX product, users can be certain of their ability to address future integration requirements with confidence, without additional software license costs.

customer report publishing

Effective in the automation of scheduled customer report generation and distribution, or enabling customers and suppliers to request their own reports from the ICS client, this frees clerical staff for more productive tasks.

kpi monitoring tool

Instrumental in detecting deviations in key performance indicators and alerting appropriate management parties for investigative action. KPI’s can be automated or ad-hoc via the ICS client.

supply chain event publishing tool

Flexible scheduling and message queue components provides the ability to monitor and publish events to external event management systems real time or near real time modes. Powerful embedded development environment and easy to use scripting tools allow for the alert driven initiation of user defined business processes automation.

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